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GATE objectives

Efficient Operation

Ensuring GATE CoE operational efficiency and stability over time within an autonomous, flexible, self-sustainable, research intensive and innovation-driven institute.

Capacity Strengthening

Strengthening the research, innovation and overall capacity of GATE CoE and achieving a "critical mass" of high-level scientists and/or technology developers

Vibrant Ecosystem

Expanding the international collaborative network of Big Data researchers and mobilizing a vivid community of stakeholders around the CoE

Data-Driven Innovations

Provide for Big Data driven innovations and deliver economic and societal benefits through creating data professionals and fostering closer collaboration between academia, government and industry.

International Visibility and Recognition

Raise awareness and recognition of GATE scientific and societal impacts at national, EU and world level.

Big Data Assets

Datasets & models, Algorithms & methods, Data and Knowledge Hub, Data Factory

Research Infrastructure

Advance Big Data Appliance, Big Data technology platform, Open Innovation labs

Increased Competence

Multidisciplinary mix of people with skills in science, technology, industry, management and entrepreneurship in Big Data and RIS3 priority areas

Business Oportunities

Intellectual property assets, New business models, Improved and new services, Prototypes

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Interesting Facts

0 Big Data Research Units
0 Open Innovation Labs
0 More then 100 Stakeholders
0 Strategic Application themes

Flagship Projects

Initial "Flagship" projects have been selected to be started as demonstrators of the added value of Big Data through real world examples of GATE strategic application themes

Smart Urban Transport

Future Cities

Urban Planning

Future Cities

Semantic E-Government

Intelligent Governance

Multilingual Content Modelling

Intelligent Governance


Sofia University
Chalmers university of technology
Chalmers industrial technologies

Strategic partners