GATE Research workshop at Chalmerska huset, Gothenburg

The first GATE research workshop was held at Chalmerska huset in Gothenburg, Sweden on 19th February 2020. It was organized by Area of Advance Information and Communication Technology of Chalmers University of Technology and Chalmers Industriteknik, which are partners of GATE project. The aim of this workshop was though a series of presentations to give participants an opportunity to share their research in the field of Big Data and AI. The desired outcome of the workshop was successfully achieved – greater awareness of what's going on in GATE project, and identifying and discussing new opportunities for collaboration within the GATE strategic application themes.

Gate Research workshop

The workshop's date coincided with a meeting of the project's Executive Board members as well as a meeting of Project Management Board members. The seminar paved the way to a number of collaborative sessions between Chalmers and Sofia University researchers, to define common research topics and to plan know-how transfer visits.

Gate PMB meeting