Digital Health Forum

Prof. Silvia Ilieva took part in the first ever digital event that took place in the Azaryan Theater, National Palace of Culture, on September 26, 2019 – from TREATMENT to HEALTHcare through DIGITALIZATION. The forum was organized by the Digital Health and Innovation Cluster Bulgaria under the patronage of N.P. Muriel Berce Cohen, Ambassador of Switzerland and was part of the INNOVATION 4 HEALTH week.

DHI Cluster

The purpose of the forum was to showcase the progress in the development of the already established in the sector health ecosystem, which offers a platform for collaboration between all stakeholders. It was organised in six separate panels, which presented to the audience specific health issues and opportunities to address them through digitalization. Prof. Ilieva participated in the panel on digital solutions for health and care.

The event of the newly created DHI Cluster brought together over 43 speakers and an audience of 350 people.