In order to fully achieve the outlined general and specific project objectives, the complete set of project activities is divided into five work packages.

  • WP1 Project management and control is focused on the management of the project as a whole.
  • WP2 Capacity strengthening aims at developing measures and plans for convergence of the research and e-infrastructure into a vital collaborative ecosystem for conducting basic and applied research and innovation of world standard in the Big Data areas with high social impact, synchronised with the RIS3 of Bulgaria.
  • WP3 Community building deals with building (1) a wide network of researchers and (2) vivid community of stakeholders, creating innovation and commercialization strategies for sustainable CoE.
  • WP4 Business plan for CoE GATE establishment will produce the long-term strategic research agenda and data management strategy, and will develop a detailed Business plan for institutionalizing and ensuring long-term sustainability of the CoE GATE.
  • WP5 Dissemination and communication deals with defining and implementing effective and targeted dissemination and communication plans, so that project goals, activities and outcomes are successfully distributed to reach widest possible audience, as well as to involve actively the relevant research and stakeholders’ communities, both within and beyond project duration. The content of the work packages and description of their activities, further broken down in detailed tasks, is presented in the following sections.