GATE Teaming 1 project vision is oriented towards the establishment and long term sustainability of a Big Data Centre that will produce excellent science by seamlessly integrating connected fields and associating complementary skills. GATE will play a dynamic role in the surrounding innovation system by adding value to knowledge, will boost the next-generation of early-stage researchers and will achieve high level of international visibility and scientific and industrial connectivity.

The following have been outlined by RIS3 and selected by project team as sectors that are especially promising with regard to Big Data Value and form GATE Data Driven Innovation Pillars.

  • Data Driven Government (Public Services based on Open Data): The collection and exploitation of real-time data from people, public authorities, public registries, etc. will be the basis for the creation of new ICT services and networks. The advanced value-added Open Data services will facilitate access, navigation, searching and reuse of data for citizens and will increase efficiency in public administrations processes.
  • Data Driven Industry (Manufacturing and Production): With the advent of smart factories with intelligent and networked sensor-equipped machinery (Internet of Things), the production sectors in 2020 will be one of the major producers of (real-time) data. The application of Big Data into this sector will bring efficiency gains, predictive maintenance and entirely new business models.
  • Data Driven Society (Smart and Sustainable Cities): City mobility, transport and logistics are among the most complex Big Data settings. In addition to sensor data from infrastructure, vast amounts of mobility and social data are generated by smart phones, C2x technology (communication among and between vehicles), and end-users with location-based services and maps. Big Data will open up opportunities for innovative ways of monitoring, controlling and managing more effectively the whole city ecosystem.
  • Data Driven Science: The scientific community is rapidly moving forward with the adoption of the Big Data technology stack. Big Data is steadily merging with traditional High Performance Computing (HPC) architectures. Today significant amounts of data can be collected and analyzed in the pursuit of unparalleled understanding of nature and the universe.

Business Plan Development

Elaboration of a detailed and robust business plan with a long term vision for setting-up and sustaining of the Centre of Excellence on "Big Data for Smart Society – GATE".

Capacity Strengthening

Strengthening the research capacity and potential in the area of Big Data.

Boosting Ecosystem of Researchers

Establishment of an international collaborative network – ecosystem of Big Data and related fields researchers.


Mobilization of a vivid community of stakeholders around the Centre of Excellence.

Education and Training

Increasing quality of education and training and offering measures for motivation and involvement of the next-generation Early-Stage Researchers.

Dissemination and awareness raising

Wide dissemination and promotion of project aims, activities and outputs.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 WIDESPREAD-2016-2017 TEAMING Phase 1 programme under Grant Agreement No. 763566

Call for proposal: WIDESPREAD-2016-2017 TEAMING Phase 1

Types of action: CSA Coordination and support action

From 2017-09-01 to 2018-08-31

Total cost: EUR 387 875