First announce about GATE project

The GATE project was announced for the first time at the event on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Software Engineering Department. The event took place at Sofia Science and Technology Park on 28th September 2017. It was covered by the online journal Computer World and Alma Mater TV which produced a dedicated broadcast for Channel 2 of the Bulgarian National TV.

As the project “GATE: Big Data for Smart Society” was initiated by the Software Engineering Department, its success in the severe international competition with 286 other project proposals for grant winning under Horizon 2020 WIDESPREAD-2016-2017 TEAMING Phase 1 programme, was a good reason to add up to the 10th anniversary celebration.

Prof. Silvia Ilieva, GATE’s Project leader, presented the project objectives, partners, vision and methodology and emphasized that GATE's door is open to everybody who wants to contribute to the development of a smart society based on Big Data management.

The event was attended by former and current lecturers, students and alumni of the department, as well as by representatives of the IT industry in Bulgaria.

The contribution of the Software Engineering Department to development of a modern education and training system in the ICT area in Bulgaria were widely acknowledged as well as its remarkable achievements in research and promotion of entrepreneurship.