GATE last meeting for Phase 1

GATE last project meeting took place in the sunny autumn Gothenburg. The project team has worked very intensively during the three meeting days to complete the Business plan for the future Centre of Excellence in Sofia. A number of additional meetings have been held with different Chalmers departments and researchers, such as Area of Advance Building Futures, Division of Production systems and Division of Software engineering in order to collaboratively align the research directions of the centre.

GATE team also participated in the launching event of “The collaborative arena & data factory for accelerated AI-based research and innovation” initiative of Chalmers. The arena will create opportunities to accelerate research and innovation by providing access to unique data and facilitating collaboration. This is where GATE and Swedish teams will work on algorithms for applied problems and will have the opportunity to cooperate with those working in the data factory to share ideas, data, and resources across a broad scope of application and research areas in industry, public sector and academia.