GATE is partnering with BCCI for identifying the needs of Bulgarian industry

On 4th of December a meeting was held between representatives of GATE team and Bulgarian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (BCCI). BCCI, as a nationally represented employers' organization, having more than 43 000 member companies from different sectors and maintaining a single trade register will play an important role to help GATE in identifying the needs for Big Data management of large national business and especially of SMEs. In this context, a questionnaire prepared by GATE team has been made available on the BCCI Info Business portal to reach out more than 6000 BCCI members, most of them being SMEs.

The questionnaire data will be used to define pilot projects related to individual industrial sectors with the highest impact as a starting point for the development of the future Centre of Excellence. The analyses and developments that will be made will create new prospects for businesses related to improving the production processes and the competitiveness of Bulgarian companies in the European Single Market.

The results of the survey will also be used as an input for the development of a national and regional action plans for the digitization of industry, an activity developed under the project "SKILLS +" implemented by BCCI.